Krakow during the People's Republic of Poland


The tour will bring us to the most important places related to the events, culture and atmosphere of Krakow in the communism era. At that time, despite the imposed ideology, the city managed to retain its individual character. During the tour you will learn about Father Józef Tischner and Peter Skrzynecki, as well as about the great role played in the era of the People’s Republic of Poland by the Catholic Intelligentsia Club, the Writers’ House, and artistic cafés such as Piwnica pod Baranami and Klub pod Jaszczurami.

Selected places: the Main Market Square, Szczepański Square, ul. Sienna, the Bishops’ Palace and the “Pope’s window”, the Wawel Hill, Skałka.

Duration: 3-4 h Price: 350-400 PLN

Selected monuments

  1. The Main Market Square
  2. Szczepanski Square
  3. the Bishops' Palace and the "pope's window"
  4. the Wawel Hill


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