Kraków Saints' route

a story of miracles, curses and prophecies

The aim of the tour is to visit the oldest and most beautiful churches in Krakow, learning not only about their architecture, but also about the saints and blessed related to them. We will present you the story of St Stanislaus and show you several places directly associated with the Saint Queen Jadwiga of Poland. Finally, we will visit some of the churches holding the remains of chosen saints and blessed.

Selected places: St Mary’s Church, St Florian’s Church, St Anna’s Academic Collegiate Church, the Skałka Church, St Catherine’s Church, the Corpus Christi Church, the Franciscan Church, the Dominicans’ Church.

Duration: 3-4h Price: 350-400 PLN

Selected monuments

  1. St. Florian's Church
  2. Saint Mary's Church
  3. Saint Anna's Academic Collegiate Church
  4. the Franciscan Church
  5. the Dominicans' Church
  6. Skalka Church
  7. the Corpus Christi church


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