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Today one of Krakow’s districts, it was originally a separate city founded by the Austrian emperor Joseph II in the late 18th century. Its origins date back to the times of Krak ruler and there are many interesting legends related to it. We will show you where the wizard Twardowski is said to have practiced witchcraft, as well as tell you the dramatic story of this district in the times of the WWII, when a ghetto for Jews was established here by the Germans.

Selected places: Krakus Mound, St Benedict’s Church, Bednarski Park, the Independence Square.

Duration: 2-3h Price: 250-350 PLN

Selected monuments

  1. Krakus Mound
  2. St. Benedict’s Church
  3. Fort of St Benedict
  4. Bednarski Park
  5. the Independence Square


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