Wyspiański's route

the spirit of The Young Poland

During the tour you will become familiar with the artist’s biography and work. We will visit several churches featuring his murals, see the most beautiful stained glass windows of all that he created, and find out why he would always sit in the Michalik café with his back facing the guests. Besides, we will visit the houses where he lived and wrote his plays, as well as the Skałka burial place holding the ashes of the artist. For those interested, we can also explore the biographical museum of Wyspiański.

Selected places: ul. Floriańska, St Mary’s Church, the Franciscan Church, Wyspiański Pavilion, Skałka.


Duration: 2-4h Price: 250-400 PLN

Selected monuments

  1. St Mary's Church
  2. the Franciscan Church
  3. the Medical Society House
  4. The Wyspiańiski Pavilion
  5. Skałka


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